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Volume 52,370
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Print or digital, Monotype (NASDAQ:TYPE) has always created value through type.

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Monotype press releases are provided for historical purposes only. Information contained in Monotype press releases is accurate only as of the date they are issued originally. Monotype has no obligation to update the information contained in press releases after their date of issuance.

Monotype Announces CFO Transition June 17, 2019
Christopher Brooks Assumes Role of Interim CFO; Company to Initiate Search for Successor Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE) today announced that Anthony Callini will step down effective July 1, 2019, as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer to serve as Chief Financial Officer at a private company. Christopher Brooks, Monotype’s Senior Vice President, Finance will assume the role of Chief Financial Officer on an interim basis until a permanent successor is named. Monotype will initiate a search to identify a permanent Chief Financial Officer. Scott Landers, Chief Executive Officer of Monotype, said, “On behalf of the Company and the Board, I want to thank Tony for his numerous contributions to Monotype. Tony was instrumental in supporting Monotype’s transformation from a business that primarily served mature markets to one that now serves more growth-oriented markets. I thank Tony for his service and wish him all the best in his next role.” Mr. Landers...
New Brand Type Assessment Service from the Monotype Studio Helps Brands Determine Impact and Value of their Current Typography System June 11, 2019
Company extends services offerings that range from advising on type impact to designing bespoke typefaces Monotype (Nasdaq: TYPE) today expanded its professional services offerings from the Monotype Studio to better help brands define, design and express their voices through type. The services range from advising on type aesthetics, to designing typefaces, to analyzing the performance and management of type across an enterprise. Monotype services are valuable to both brands and agencies looking to take advantage of typographic insights and expertise. Services from the Monotype Studio include: Brand Type Assessments : For companies in the early stages of a rebrand, undertaking new product or service launches, or repositioning in the face of new competitive pressures, a brand type assessment should be the first step. Experts from the Monotype Studio will: Determine the consistency, relevance and impact of a brand’s voice; Review the effectiveness of sizing, color, contrast, legibility,...
Monotype to Make Thousands of Fonts Available on iPhone and iPad for the First Time June 3, 2019
Users will be able to install fonts from Monotype with the upcoming release of iOS Monotype (Nasdaq: TYPE) announced it will take advantage of Apple's new Custom Font feature announced at WWDC 2019. Monotype will deliver a collection from its extensive font library to iPhone and iPad users for use across the system, through an app created by Monotype and available for download through the App Store later this year. Upon downloading the newest version of iOS available later this year, users ranging from casual font fans to creative professionals, will for the first time, receive access to the fonts they want across iPhone and iPad apps, all through the App Store. In addition to new font licenses, users will be able to sync fonts they have already licensed from Monotype’s ecommerce channel, to their devices. “As a leader in font technology, expertise and inventory, we are excited to be providing fonts to more users through the App Store,” said Steve Martin, CTO of Monotype. “As more and...


Price 16.99 -0.24 (-1.39%)
Volume 52,370
06/25/19 01:49 PM Pricing delayed 20 minutes More Stock quote and chart


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