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Print or digital, Monotype (NASDAQ:TYPE) has always created value through type.

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Meet Monotype’s New Modern Branding Typefaces: Madera and Unitext March 13, 2018
Inspired by design trends and feedback from hundreds of brands, new typefaces offer a mix of modern design and timeless appeal Monotype (Nasdaq: TYPE) today took the wraps off two of its newest designs: the Unitext™ and Madera™ typefaces. Inspired by modern design trends and feedback from hundreds of brands, the two new sans serif typefaces offer a mix of contemporary flair and timeless appeal – and are designed with the intent to help brands carry their voice effectively and legibly, from small text to display sizes, in both print and digital environments. Monotype’s new Madera and Unitext typefaces were created with the intent to be easy to use by both designers and brands. The typefaces come in a variety of sizes and weights – as well as with a number of special characters and stylistic alternatives – that fit well within most companies’ brand guidelines. Both typefaces are designed to help ensure brand consistency and fidelity at every customer touchpoint. This press release...
Monotype Introduces Mosaic: A New Way for Creative Teams to Discover, Manage, Share and Deploy Fonts February 20, 2018
Cloud-based solution simplifies font workflows and empowers creative teams to experiment with thousands of popular classic and new fonts Monotype (Nasdaq: TYPE), named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in Design for 2018, today introduced Mosaic - a cloud-based font solution that provides an easy way for global organizations and creative teams to discover, manage, share and deploy fonts. Mosaic simplifies the workflow of licensing and working with Monotype fonts by providing organizations with a single solution to: Discover fonts (by industry, similarity, font pairings and keywords); Access and experiment with an extensive global library of fonts from more than 2,500 font families, covering more than 95 percent of the world’s most commonly spoken languages; Easily license brand fonts for use across multiple environments including print, web, digital ads, apps and AR/VR, among others; Collaborate on creative projects across the company and manage font usage rights for...
Fast Company Names Monotype One of the Most Innovative Companies in Design for 2018 February 20, 2018
Monotype (Nasdaq: TYPE) today announced that it has been named one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Design by Fast Company. The magazine’s annual Most Innovative Companies issue recognizes leading enterprises and rising newcomers that exemplify the best in business and innovation across 36 categories. Monotype was ranked seventh in the design category. More than three dozen Fast Company editors, reporters, and contributors surveyed thousands of companies to create this year’s Most Innovative Companies list. “This year’s list is an inspiring and insightful window into how many companies have embraced innovation and are working to make meaningful change,” said Fast Company deputy editor David Lidsky, who oversaw the issue with senior editor Amy Farley. Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies issue provides both a snapshot and a roadmap for the future of innovation across some of the most dynamic sectors of the economy. “At Monotype, our goal is to help create beautiful,...


Price 23.20 -0.20 (-0.85%)
Volume 318,531
03/23/18 04:00 PM Pricing delayed 20 minutes More Stock quote and chart


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