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NASDAQ: TYPE 18.50 -0.05 (-0.27%)
Volume 311,303
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On what exchange, and under what symbol does Monotype trade?

Monotype (Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc.) trades on the Nasdaq stock market under the symbol TYPE.

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What does Monotype do?

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. is a leading provider of type, technology and expertise for creative applications and consumer electronics, or CE, devices. Our vision is that our fonts and technologies will empower every word and experience, as we strive to enable the best user experience and ensure brand integrity, regardless of device, platform or language. We help CE device manufacturers, independent software vendors, or ISVs, and creative professionals connect their products, services, content and brands to consumers and businesses everywhere by enabling content creation, distribution and consumption. Monotype is home to some of the world’s best known collections of type and, along with our custom type services, our offerings allow our customers to express their creativity and brand, while our tools and technologies improve creative workflows and maximize efficiency as content is published or distributed. Our solutions provide worldwide language coverage and delivery of high-quality text; and our embedded solutions support compelling user interfaces and ensure brand integrity by providing for the display of content on any device or platform, as the author intended.

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What financial analysts cover Monotype?

View the list of Monotype's analysts.

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How do I purchase shares of TYPE stock?

Monotype does not have a direct stock purchase plan. All trades must be made through a registered broker.

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When does Monotype's fiscal year end?

Monotype is on a calendar year, with its year ending December 31.

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Where is Monotype's headquarters?

Monotype Imaging Inc.
500 Unicorn Park Drive
Woburn, MA 01801

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When did Monotype go public?

Monotype's initial public offering took place on July 25, 2007.

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How can I get a copy of the Monotype's annual report?

Each annual report will be provided on Monotype's Investor Relations web site when it becomes available.

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Who are Monotype's independent auditors?

Monotype retains Ernst & Young as its independent auditor.

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Who is Monotype's legal counsel?

Goodwin Procter LLP
Exchange Place
53 State Street
Boston, MA 02109

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Who do I contact with questions about transferring shares, lost stock certificates and changes of address?

Monotype's transfer agent is Computershare. If you are a registered shareholder, you may use Computershare's shareholder website, toll-free shareholder services center or automated telephone support system to access information and process transactions. Please note that you will need to supply your tax identification number and contact information, including address, when communicating with Computershare. If you hold your shares in "street name" through a broker, please contact your broker for assistance.

P.O. Box 43078
Providence, RI 02940
Tel (800) 736-3001
Tel (781) 575-3100

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Where can I get information about Monotype's management team and board of directors?

Information about Monotype's management team and board of directors can be accessed on this website in the Executive Team and Board of Directors sections.

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How can I order an investor kit?

You can request an investor kit here.

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Price 18.50 -0.05 (-0.27%)
Volume 311,303
09/22/17 03:59 PM Pricing delayed 20 minutes More Stock quote and chart


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